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First and Third Fridays of each month
TIME:: Teaching 7:30 - 8:30, Open dancing 8:30 - 11:00
LOCATION: Cedar Valley Grange, 20526-52nd Ave. West, Lynnwood Yahoo Map

Skandia members, $10; nonmembers, $15; kids, free


First Friday Dance, March 6

At 7:30, Larry Reinert and Elaine Mathies will teach Boda polska, a dance beloved by musicians and dancers alike.  Larry and Elaine will review what makes this dance so
special, with pointers for both newer and experienced dancers. At 8:30, crowd-pleasing Dansaspel of Bellingham will be bringing their lively sound to the Grange. As always, they have an excellent range of dances planned for the evening. No matter what your favorites are, there’s sure to be something to please everyone, regardless of experience or preference. Come join us for a lovely night of finely crafted dance tunes.

—Chris Dunkle

Third Friday Dance, March 20

The annual St. Urho celebration, with Elaine Packard from Katrilli teaching the class at 7:30. Dances to be taught: Antti’s Waltz is a mixer with four patterns. Seni is a 2-couple dance with stamping and arches and gets progressively faster. It is now known as the Grape Stomping Dance. The clapping dance is a simple mixer that creates laughter. Yrjon Polkka is a walking and polka couple dance done in a circle. The regular dance starts at 8:30 p.m., with Folk Voice Band playing. See the article following for more information about this special dance.

St. Urho Celebration
We are very sad to report that the voracious and vociferous hordes of grasshoppers once again threaten to decimate the vineyards of Finland! Fearing the impending doom, the wine connoisseurs of the world have become increasingly depressed. Who in their right mind would want to drink wines from France, the USA, or Argentina when they could savor the delicious and superior wines from Finland? Wine lovers from all over the world have united in order to save their beloved wine from the marauding masses of insects.

Marshawn Lynch, a rather formidable player for the Seattle Seahawks, was called in. He tried throwing bucketloads of Skittles at the grasshoppers, hoping that the candy would entice the critters away from the grapes. Alas, he was not successful, as the grasshoppers preferred the succulent grapes over the candy. The coach of the Seahawks had an idea that if all the “12” fans began to cheer, the noise would frighten the grasshoppers and they would leave the vineyards—a very bad and controversial call! The noise excited the grasshoppers, and they began to devour the grapes with even more unbridled gusto.

World leaders and politicians were also not much help with the impending peril. Committees, studies, reports, and discussions went on and on. All the while, more and more of the Finnish vineyards were disappearing. Something had to be done, and quickly! Someone who was courageous, strong, and showed no fear in facing the onslaught of the army of grasshoppers was needed.

Yes, our hero, St. Urho, came to the rescue, Armed with only his trusty pitchfork, he forcefully and bravely shouted, “Heinasirkka, heinasirkka, mene taalta hiiteen!” Translated: “You crunchy, green, unwanted, noisy, pesky critters, get the heck out of the vineyards!” The grasshoppers began to shake with fear and left the famous Finnish vineyards. The wine drinkers of the world sighed with relief, as once again the delicious Finnish wine would be available.

Come and pay homage to this brave man, as Skandia and Katrilli present a St. Urho party/dance on March 20 at the Cedar Valley Grange. The evening begins at 7:30 p.m. with dance instruction. Katrilli will teach some fun dances
guaranteed to get your feet moving, along with putting a smile on your face. Of course, the grape stomping dance will be done, along with a clapping dance that always seems to create lots of laughter.

Folk Voice Band will play for general dancing at 8:30 p.m. Scandinavian tunes, tangos, swing, and perhaps a few dances from south of Finland (way south) will keep you dancing throughout the evening. There will be lots of mixers, including the opportunity to do the ever-subtle Grasshopper Humppa.

Ken Bartanen, last year’s St. Urho, and Sal Gordon, his Urhoiina, will take their final saintly walk and will share how this honor has had a profound effect on their lives. After a mini-workshop on pronunciation of the magical chant, the fierce competition will begin for the honor of being crowned the new St. Urho and Urhoiina. Do practice at home so that your chances of fame and glory will be increased. The judging will be based on not only the correct pronunciation of the famous chant, but also on how enthusiastically and dramatically it is presented. It takes amazing energy to frighten hordes of grasshoppers!

After the new couple is crowned, Finnish snacks and drinks provided by Katrilli will be served during intermission. Then, what everyone waits for—the opportunity to have your name drawn for one of the “Unwanted Door Prizes!” This year, the prizes will definitely be “Unwanted,” but still sought after. The St. Urho party/dance is a fun evening, so invite your friends and neighbors, as it is a great way to introduce people to Skandia.

It is of the utmost importance to dress appropriately for this dance. Please remember to wear St. Urho colors of green and/or purple. Call JoAnne Rudo for further information on saintly or non-saintly issues: (206) 329-1443.

Friday, March 20, Cedar Valley Grange, class at 7:30 p.m.; dance begins at 8:30 p.m. Admission: $15; Skandia
members, $10.

—JoAnne R

Driving directions to Cedar Valley Grange.....
From I-5, take exit 179 (northbound or southbound). Drive east on 220th to the stop sign at 52nd, then a short mile north to the Cedar Valley Grange on your left.
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Fifth Saturday Dance

No dance scheduled