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First and Third Fridays of each month
TIME:: Teaching 7:30 - 8:30, Open dancing 8:30 - 11:00
LOCATION: Cedar Valley Grange, 20526-52nd Ave. West, Lynnwood Yahoo Map

Skandia members, $10; nonmembers, $15; kids, free


First Friday Dance, October 2

The first Friday dance on October 2 will feature the music of Skolkis, an energetic quartet composed of EJ Landsman, Emma Anderson, Vicki Watt Warshaw, and Martha Levenson, in two full hours of dance music not to be missed. Zipping the two halves of the dance together will be a small swarm of nyckelharpists playing a half-hour break set. Who can resist? In the workshop prior to the dance, at 7:30, Larry
Reinert and Nancy Neuerburg teach Hyfs.

—Leslie Foley

We are bringing back the fun and lively Hyfs, a dance from Föllinge in Jämtland, Sweden, for the Friday, October 2nd dance class from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Hyfs, which is a great choice for dancing to many polka tunes, was introduced in January. This class will be a great opportunity to help cement Hyfs into your dance repertoire. Also, the dance gives your feet more practice with one of the steps, the Bakmes from Kall, which we had fun learning in August as a part of the dance Schottis and Bakmes from Kall.

Both leads and follows learn the same steps; they are just done a little off-set, so you can do it with any partner. Please join Larry Reinert and Nancy Neuerburg on October 2nd for an opportunity to learn and dance Hyfs.

—Nancy Neuerburg

Third Friday Dance, October 16

The third Friday dance on October 16 will feature a visiting band from Sweden that will also be playing at the Skandia Ball on the 17th. What a lucky treat for all of us! They will play two long sets on the 16th, with a half-hour break set by Fiol Glädje—Irene Myers, Bob Hamilton, and Leslie Foley—to give you a taste of that all-fiddle sound. To make all of it even more fun, schottis variations will be taught in
the pre-dance workshop at 7:30.

—Leslie Foley

On Friday, October 16, join Jerry Walsh and Judy Patterson for a pre-dance schottis variations class from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. The timing is perfect—just a day before the Skandia Ball. Bring friends, relatives, your dog groomer (bathed and free of animal dander, please) and come master some new moves. The one-hour session will warm you up for the dance that follows, featuring guest Swedish musicians. See you there!

—Jerry Walsh


Driving directions to Cedar Valley Grange.....
From I-5, take exit 179 (northbound or southbound). Drive east on 220th to the stop sign at 52nd, then a short mile north to the Cedar Valley Grange on your left.
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Fifth Saturday Dance

No dance is currently scheduled.