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First and Third Fridays of each month
TIME:: Teaching 7:30 - 8:30, Open dancing 8:30 - 11:00
LOCATION: Cedar Valley Grange, 20526-52nd Ave. West, Lynnwood Yahoo Map

Skandia members, $10; nonmembers, $15; kids, free


First Friday Dance, February 3

At 7:30, Larry Reinert and Jennifer Roach will teach the Odinas Schottis. At 8:30, we will have the Skandia Kapell, an ensemble with a variety of instruments and a long history of treating the Skandia community to great music for dancing.

—Leslie Foley

First Friday teaching

On February 3rd, at the First Friday dance, Larry Reinert and Jennifer Roach will teach the nifty little Odinas Schottis, which should provide ample laughter. It’ll be easy, once you get your feet to cooperate. It can also be done to other Swedish music, such as polska, snoa, and polka, and is referred to as Odinas Bakmes. Bakmes, of course stands for “backwards mess” (I mean, “turn”), and that’s what we will attempt to demonstrate. The dance description states: Dance counter-clockwise (CCW) around partner while dancing as a couple CCW around hall—therefore the “back-mess” of it. Should be a whopping fun time! See you then.

—Jennifer Roach


Third Friday Dance, February 17

On February 17, Jerry Walsh and Judy Patterson will teach Mazurka from Eda, a lively Swedish dance, at 7:30. At 8:30 p.m., TinnFelen will bring us the magic sound of many hardanger fiddles—a whole evening of bright sounds and great dance rhythms. We hope to see you there!

—Leslie Foley

Mazurka on tap for Third Friday dance class

Jerry Walsh and Judy Patterson will teach Mazurka from Eda, a lively Swedish dance, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, February 17. If you’d like a head start on class, take a peek at the dance by pasting its name in your Internet search engine. The first listing is a video of this year’s Springdans instructors, Sweden’s Britt-Marie and Sven Olsson.

Swedish mazurkas are done to peppy 3/4 time music, and this one hails from the Olsson’s home province, Värmland. Other mazurkas (and various spellings) are popular in Finland and Norway. Beware, though: the character of the dance and music vary greatly by country.
See you at class!

—Judy Patterson


Driving directions to Cedar Valley Grange.....
From I-5, take exit 179 (northbound or southbound). Drive east on 220th to the stop sign at 52nd, then a short mile north to the Cedar Valley Grange on your left.
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